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AC Fire Suppression is a company specialising in Fire suppression systems, we were introduced to the industry from our sister company Extractor Man where we have been involved in reducing the risk of fire in the commercial kitchen industry.

Fire requires all three of these elements to be present to combust,


The normal oxygen concentration in atmospheric air is approximately 21% by volume. Most materials burn fiercely in oxygen; the reaction can even be explosive. As the oxygen concentration in air increases, the potential fire risk increases and combustion is accelerated.


Temperature dependant of the fuel


Grease, oil, wood any material that can burn.

The solution to putting a fire out would be dependant of the type of fire, for example a cooking fire would need the heat to be removed in order to put the fire out, some fires require the oxygen to be removed to kill the fire.

The type of fire risk needs to be determined in order for a correct fire suppression system to be installed to curb the risk of fire damage to machines, property and equipment.